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aVISTA is the first and only multisensory showcase of on-the- go catering, where the main feature is Gelato.

An innovative, multifunctional counter, designed by London studio Paolo Cossu Architects, which integrates a batch freezer, a set of wells and a cleaning area, and offers a versatile chef’s table.

As the name implies, the entire aVISTA experience takes place in view of the guests: from the choice of the ingredients to preparation; creaming/freezing to the presentation of the final result.

One of the most exciting features of aVISTA is that it is a fully customizable and portable format that can be adjusted to any type of environment, both outdoors and indoors: on a yacht, in a party venue or a farmhouse in the countryside.
aVISTA will make your guests fall in love.

Il concept aVISTA
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Every ingredient can be transformed into Gelato. The extraordinary skill of Gelato Chefs Giovanna Musumeci and Ida Di Biaggio lies in their ability to immerse themselves in each ingredient in order to turn it into its supreme frozen form.

There are four varieties offered by aVISTA

aVISTA Alcoholic Gelato
aVISTA Gourmet Gelato
aVISTA Food Pairing Gelato
aVISTA Sweet Gelato


Everything happens for a reason.

about us

Giovanna Musumeci

Giovanna Musumeci

Ice cream master Giovanna, hails from the town of Randazzo on the slopes of Etna.
She represents the determination of a new generation of ice cream makers who, with great pride, bring Sicily and their excellence in artisanal ice cream to the world.

Ida Di Biaggio

Ida Di Biaggio

Half Sicilian and half Abruzzese, master ice cream maker Ida is always observant of tradition.
She is also passionate about the contemporary evolution of ice cream in all its facets and is a leading promoter of modern artisanal ice cream.

Paolo Cossu

Paolo Cossu

Architect and founder of the London studio Paolo Cossu Architects.
Since completing his studies at the Politecnico di Milano and at the ETSAB in Barcelona he lives and works in the UK.

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